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Facelift Options Demystified: 9 Types of Facelift Procedures

Facial rejuvenation within cosmetic surgery has seen remarkable growth in the past decade. Extensive research has propelled advancements in techniques and technologies to reverse facial aging. Today, plastic surgeons have diverse facelift options at their disposal, extending beyond the traditional surgical approach. These alternatives cater to individuals seeking a youthful appearance with less invasive methods.

In response to this evolving landscape, nonsurgical options have gained importance. These alternatives complement traditional facelift surgery, giving patients effective choices that align with their preferences. The surge in available facelift options signifies a paradigm shift in the field, offering tailored solutions for each patient’s unique goals and contributing to the overall accessibility and inclusivity of facial rejuvenation procedures.


9 Types of Facelift Procedures


Facelift Options


1. The Deep Plane and SMAS Facelift Difference

A deep plane facelift is a way to fix sagging skin around the chin and neck. The goal is to lift and strengthen the loose muscles in that part of the face. During the procedure, the surgeon works below the musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), close to the muscles we use for smiling and frowning. By adjusting and smoothing out the SMAS layer, wrinkles are reduced, and you look younger and more radiant. This facelift option explicitly targets the lower face to tackle signs of aging.

2. Mini Facelift

A type of facelift option involves making small incisions under the hairline. With these inconspicuous cuts the surgeon can carefully tighten and smoothen your skin while removing extra tissue. This particular facelift often called a mini facelift, works well in reducing or completely removing the appearance of jowls. Jowls typically appear around the lower part of your cheeks and mouth because of less collagen production as you age. This facelift option effectively addresses these signs of aging, providing a solution for a more youthful look.

3. Mid Facelift

Like its name suggests, the mid-facelift zeroes in on the middle of the face, particularly the cheeks. Unlike cheek implants, which add material for a plumping effect, this facelift option takes a different approach. Instead, your facial plastic surgeon removes extra tissue or uses existing tissue to lift the cheeks eliminating sagging and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s an excellent choice for those without jowls or marionette lines. However, it can also be done alongside treatments targeting these areas if needed.

4. Cheek Lift

Similar to the mid-facelift, a cheek lift aims to improve the look of cheekbones and minimize fine lines and wrinkles in the mid-face region. This facelift option works towards giving you a fuller lifted appearance while also reducing under-eye puffiness and softening the prominence of nasal folds. It’s a way to enhance your overall facial aesthetics by addressing specific areas and providing a more youthful and contoured look.

5. Best Option of Jaw Line Rejuvenation

Many individuals, particularly women, show signs of aging around their jaw and neckline. To address this, jawline rejuvenation includes removing excess fat cells from the neck through neck liposuction. The aim is to give the surgeon ample room to contour and reshape the jawline resulting in a smoother appearance. This procedure is among the various facelift options designed to combat the effects of aging in specific areas, providing a tailored approach to rejuvenating your overall look.

6. S-Lift

The S-Lift gets its name from the distinctive-shaped incision made on the lower half of the face around the neck and jawline. Through this incision, the surgeon can delicately separate the upper layer of skin from the underlying facial muscles and tissues. The main objective of this particular facelift option is to lift the skin, eliminate excess fat cells, and shape the muscles and underlying tissue, resulting in a smoother and wrinkle-free complexion. This procedure is among the various facelift options available, offering a method to address aging signs by providing a lifted and rejuvenated appearance to the lower part of the face.

7. Cutaneous Lift

A cutaneous lift focuses on the lower face, like the jaw and neck. The surgeon makes minor cuts around the hairline and ears. They separate the top skin layer from the muscles and tissues below. Extra skin is removed and the remaining skin is stretched toward the cuts. Ironing clothes tightens the skin and gets rid of wrinkles. Finally, the cuts are closed with stitches. So, the cutaneous lift is one way among different facelift options to give the lower part of your face a refreshed look by dealing with saggy skin and wrinkles.

8. Temporal or Brow Lift

Given the proximity of your temples and brows addressing wrinkles in one area inadvertently benefits the other. If your eyebrows sag or hang too low the brow lift could be the proper procedure. It offers an excellent alternative to the more invasive eyebrow lift, which involves a lengthier recovery period. In contrast, the brow lift is quicker and more convenient. A small incision along your hairline lets the surgeon lift the skin and underlying muscles, stretching out the drooping skin on your eyelids. This procedure is among the various facelift options available, providing a faster and less burdensome solution for those looking to address concerns with their brows and eyelids.

9. Liquid Facelift

Liquid facelifts have gained immense popularity as the go to choice for facial rejuvenation in North America. Praised for their simplicity, efficiency and non invasive nature, these facelift options involve injecting serums like Botox, Restylane, Dysport or Juvederm into specific areas of your face. These injectables typically contain collagen or hyaluronic acid in measured concentrations, encouraging collagen production and enhancing skin elasticity.

If you are considering a facelift but need clarification on the right option, consulting with a renowned facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Andres Gantous at Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery can provide all the necessary information. Reach out today to schedule your initial consultation and make an informed decision about the facelift options available.




In conclusion, the world of facelift options offers diverse choices, each tailored to address specific concerns and preferences. Exploring the nine types of facelift procedures has demystified the landscape, shedding light on the variety available for those seeking facial rejuvenation. From the traditional facelift to innovative techniques like the liquid facelift, the options cater to different needs, ensuring a personalized approach to aging gracefully. Understanding these facelift options empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their desired procedures. In the realm of facial aesthetics the quest for a refreshed and revitalized appearance becomes more accessible with the knowledge of diverse facelift options.




1. What are facelift options?

Facelift options refer to various procedures aimed at rejuvenating the face. These methods can range from traditional facelifts to newer innovations like the liquid facelift, offering diverse choices for facial enhancement.

2. How many types of facelift options are there?

There are nine types of facelift procedures, each designed to address specific concerns and preferences. From classic to liquid facelifts, the variety ensures personalized solutions for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation.

3. Are facelift options suitable for everyone?

Facelift options cater to different needs, making them suitable for many individuals. The diverse techniques allow for a tailored approach, ensuring people can choose the procedure that aligns with their unique goals and preferences.

4. How do I decide on the right facelift option for me?

Deciding on the right facelift option involves considering your concerns and consulting a facial plastic surgeon. Understanding the nine types of facelift procedures demystifies the choices, empowering you to make an informed decision for a refreshed and revitalized appearance.


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